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In the past BOTOX, now - a cocktail of active ingredients, consisting of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, hyaluronic acid. Did you hear about treating wrinkles, cellulite or hair loss with mesotherapy? If not, let's discover the secret.
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Raluca Rosenberg
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Tell us more about yourself and your passions. How does a day in your life look like?

"My history" begins in Bucharest, Romania - the German School and the Faculty of Medicine have built a solid foundation for the years to come. I lived in Israel for a long period of time; it was in Israel where I actually started my professional activity and my specialization in Aesthetic  Medicine. As in all areas, in Aesthetic Medicine you have to be permanently up to date with new treatment methods, with new products and technologies, so that I have been continuously studying and  participating at workshops,international congresses and conferences for Aesthetic and Anti aging Medicine.
I have many passions - music, theater, movies, swimming, cooking - I love cooking, always experimenting new recipes. But my great passion is my profession.
My day starts at dawn - even so, 24 hours are usually not enough; one, two hour…


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) also known as Medical Micro Needling is an innovative minimally invasive procedure  utilized in aesthetic medicine for skin repair and rejuvenation and for hair restoration. Though known for almost 2 decades, medical micro needling became exceedingly popular in the last few years due to the amazing results, the long term effects and the cost effectiveness.

Short history

The modern time history of Collagen Induction Therapy begins in the 1990's. But it actually has its origins in ancient China as acupuncture used in the traditional Chinese medicine as a natural remedy for most diseases and abnormalities. Also Korean and Japanese have been using this method since antiquity, with some variations. In China stainless steel needles of different lengths were used for acupuncture, Korean used needles made of copper; the instruments of the Japanese healers were very thin needles guided by a a tube. In that far era, skin needling was an exclusive therapy, for…