Saturday, November 29, 2014


    BY Alexandra Jeles

    Aesthetic Doctor: Mesotherapy is the the fastest and safest reshaping method

    Body reshaping can be often challenging for many 40+ old women.
    Dr. Raluca Rosenberg, aesthetic doctor, claims she found the 'magical formula': balanced eating, correct hydration and physical exercise. And, for a fast remodeling of the silhouette, she recommends the conventional mesotherapy. Find out in the following interview what this treatment implies and how efficient it is.

    Which are the most efficient treatment options for women aged 40+?
    Modern aesthetics offers a vast range of treatment options, that is why choosing the most suitable and most efficient method can be often difficult. It is mandatory, before making a decision, to do a detailed research.
    Generally, it is important to know how to take care of our body, how to maintain our health status and our appearance, not only after age 40. A correct lifestyle, a balanced diet, physical activity will prevent many problems, regardless the age.
    As for me, when I decided to dedicate myself to Aesthetics, mesotherapy drew my attention, not only due to its proven efficacy, but also because it is a simple, natural, logical and relatively quick method.
    For body treatments, I recommend conventional mesotherapy, which enables the penetration of the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, with excellent results in a short period of time.
    What are the benefits, but also the risks of these treatments?
    Worldwide, conventional mesotherapy is utilized both in medicine and in cosmetics, providing solutions for treating a broad range of issues. Referring strictly to the theme of this interview, mesotherapy is probably the most reliable method to eradicate cellulite and localized fat deposits, specifically those resistant to diet and exercise.
    It has virtually no side effects and it does not require post treatment recovery. Depending on the treated area and on the purpose of the treatment, a mixture of 3-4 active ingredients is injected into the deep layers of the skin, using specific injection techniques and special needles between 4-12 mm (Nappage, Point per Point, intradermal papules).
    Certainly, when we decide to start this sort of treatment, we are willing to make a change, that is why we need a multiple action plan: first, proper eating habits and, if necessary, an appropriate diet for each case; and second - a workout plan, individualized for each and every person.
    There are often cases when body weight and physical condition are not an issue; however, cellulite and resistant fat deposits are present. With conventional mesotherapy we can solve these problems in a relatively short time and with excellent results.
    The ingredients used in mesotherapy are either substances we have in our body (Hyaluronic Acid, X-DNA, vitamins, trace elements,etc.) or are plant extracts (Artichoke Extract, Rutin&Melilot Extract, etc.); that is why there are only few contraindications. Pregnancy and breast feeding, systemic diseases, immunosuppressive diseases are the major contraindications of mesotherapy.
    Very important to note, that mesotherapy is not a slimming method, that means that obesity cannot be treated with this method.
    How many sessions are necessary in order to obtain visible results?
    Both in conventional and in no needle mesotherapy, there is a treatment protocol to be followed in order to achieve the desired results. The number of the sessions depends on the age of the patient, his reaction to the treatment, the severity of the problem, etc.
    The mesotherapy sessions should be done weekly, the effect is cumulative. For minor cases, 4 sessions are usually sufficient. For more severe cases, the number of sessions varies between 6-8-12; it is also important to follow the doctor's recommendations regarding diet and workout.
    What are the most spectacular results you had in your practice?
    For me, every woman who enters my practice with cellulite and leaves  without  represents a spectacular result.

    How efficient are these treatments without diet or physical activity?
    Following the treatment with mesotherapy, cellulite or fat deposits disappear and no maintenance sessions are necessary. The conditions for maintaining long term results are: balanced diet, proper hydration and exercise.
    What is your advice for the ladies who want to lose weight and reshape their silhouette?
    The 'magical formula' is balanced nutrition, correct hydration and sustained physical activity. These 3 elements are sufficient to keep us in shape, regardless our age. And if shaping certain areas is needed, conventional mesotherapy is, in my opinion, the fastest, most reliable and most efficient method.

    Wednesday, November 12, 2014


    Are you searching for a therapeutic option to stop hair loss or to improve the texture of thinning hair? MESOTHERAPY is the solution; and it can change lives!

    Hair loss is a stressful and challenging experience for both men and women; it is significantly more distressing for women, especially in this era when capillar hair symbolizes youth and good health.
    Hair loss can have important psychological and social impact, caused by the strong influence on confidence and self esteem.
    The most common form of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, affecting approximately 50% of the masculine population and 20% of the women, by age 50. Comparing to all the other types of alopecia, the onset of the androgenetic alopecia is gradual and has a specific pattern.
    In men - there is a gradual thinning of the hair in the temporal areas, forming a V-shaped frontal hairline; as baldness progresses, a bald patch appears on the crown of the head, the hair around the base of the head usually remains intact.
    Women with androgenetic alopecia have diffuse thinning hair on the crown of the hair.
    This form of alopecia is genetically transmitted - the exact mechanism is still unknown.
    Aging and genetics are only 2 of the factors causing hair loss. Stress, psychological trauma, systemic diseases, improper eating, hormonal imbalance (thyroid disorders), certain drugs (steroids, Lithium, Heparin, beta-blockers), Zinc deficiency, pregnancy can also cause hair loss.

    There are numerous treatment options: drugs (Minoxidil, Finasterides - can be administered to men only), topic solutions or more complex treatments like hair transplantation.

    Although controversial worldwide, mesotherapy has proven its efficiency in treating hair loss. The success rates reach 90-92% in comparison to Minoxidil treatments ( only 50% success rate).
    Mesotherapy is a minimal invasive method, safe  and with no side effects. A cocktail composed of 3-4 active ingredients is injected directly into the scalp, using a special injection technique (Nappage). Biotin, Trace Elements, vitamins, Caffeine, Gingko Biloba, Organic Silica, Dexpanthenol, peptides are some of the ingredients utilized in treating hair loss with mesotherapy.

    How does mesotherapy work in hair loss treatment?
    The mechanism is dual:
    - the 'micro traumas' caused by the injections trigger the mechanical stimulation of the blood flow and of the cellular metabolism;
    - at the same time, the multiple injections create micro channels, through which the cocktail reaches the hair follicles, in the dermal layer of the scalp.
    The active ingredients improve the blood circulation (Gingko Biloba, Rutin&Melilot Extract), stimulate cellular metabolism (Asian Centella), balance sebum secretion (Dexpanthenol), increase cellular regeneration (X-DNA).

    My treatment protocol consists of 8-10 weekly sessions, followed by 2-4 sessions, fortnightly and 2-4 monthly sessions. There are situations that require maintenance sessions.
    In most cases the first results appear in the early stages of the treatment - the hair doesn't fall anymore and it regains the natural glow and vitality.
    New hair starts growing about 5-6 weeks from the first session.
    Mesotherapy is beneficial for both men and women.
    For male patients, we can also use the alternative to the conventional mesotherapy - Derma Roller or Derma Pen, the principle is the same.


     Mesotherapy is virtually painless - the discomfort during the treatment is minimal, no previous anesthesia is necessary.
    It is important to mention that this exact therapeutic method can be applied for the treatment of Seborrheic Dermatitis, often associated with alopecia.
    Eyebrows can also be treated with mesotherapy, with amazing results.

    Thursday, September 4, 2014


    In our era, the percentage of women affected by cellulite is worryingly increasing towards 90%.
    It is NOT a disease, it does NOT interfere with the vital functions of our body. Despite this facts, there are some important physical, economical and emotional aspects of cellulite - rarely mentioned in the medical literature (Dr. Bissoon "The Cellulite Cure"):
    • embarrassment and fear to be ridiculous
    • decreased self esteem
    • 'harmful' effect on relationships and resultant decrease in libido
    • avoidance of certain social activities
    • stress determined by the continuous effort to hide the cellulite
    • time and money spent for various therapy options, searching for the 'miracle' treatment.

    Fortunately, nowadays the magical method that eliminates cellulite really exists - it is called mesotherapy.
    Why is mesotherapy considered to be the only method to eradicate cellulite? Because it treats the causing factors of cellulite, not only the symptoms: mesotherapy determines the breakdown of the fats in the fat tissue, activates the microcirculation and stimulates cellular metabolism, improves lymphatic drainage, increases skin tone and elasticity.


    Mostly, cellulite affects 25-35 years old women. Untreated, cellulite intensifies. In the early stages of cellulite, mesotherapy works very quickly - 4 weekly sessions are usually sufficient to eliminate the cellulite. Any type of cellulite can be treated, the variable is the number of sessions needed to eradicate the cellulite (12-15 sessions for cellulite stage 3).
    Mesotherapy is a fast and safe method. It consists of injecting a mixture (cocktail) of 3-4 active ingredients chosen according to the age of the patient, to the stage of the cellulite, to the affected body area. Arms, thighs and buttocks are the most affected areas. The injection technique is specific for mesotherapy - the technique I use for treating cellulite is Nappage. I inject manually; there is also the automatic option, utilizing a device, called Mesogun. Mesotherapy is virtually painless, adverse effects practically do not exist. So, this treatment is a quick 'lunch break' procedure, the pacient can comfortably resume her activity  immediately after the mesotherapy session.
    The results are amazing - the cellulite disappears, the skin becomes smooth and elastic; if there are stretch marks on the treated area, they also attenuate, fine stretch marks even vanish.
    Balanced eating, correct hydration and physical activity are imperative for maintaining the effects of the mesotherapy.

    Important to remember:
    • mesotherapy is a medical treatment; practicing mesotherapy implies medical knowledge and extended experience in utilizing the specific injection techniques.
    • diagnosis and clinical assessment prior to the treatment are essential
    • the efficiency of the treatment is not correlated with the injected amount, it is correlated with the correct choice of the active ingredients and the proper combination personalized for each and every patient.