Thursday, September 4, 2014


In our era, the percentage of women affected by cellulite is worryingly increasing towards 90%.
It is NOT a disease, it does NOT interfere with the vital functions of our body. Despite this facts, there are some important physical, economical and emotional aspects of cellulite - rarely mentioned in the medical literature (Dr. Bissoon "The Cellulite Cure"):
  • embarrassment and fear to be ridiculous
  • decreased self esteem
  • 'harmful' effect on relationships and resultant decrease in libido
  • avoidance of certain social activities
  • stress determined by the continuous effort to hide the cellulite
  • time and money spent for various therapy options, searching for the 'miracle' treatment.

Fortunately, nowadays the magical method that eliminates cellulite really exists - it is called mesotherapy.
Why is mesotherapy considered to be the only method to eradicate cellulite? Because it treats the causing factors of cellulite, not only the symptoms: mesotherapy determines the breakdown of the fats in the fat tissue, activates the microcirculation and stimulates cellular metabolism, improves lymphatic drainage, increases skin tone and elasticity.


Mostly, cellulite affects 25-35 years old women. Untreated, cellulite intensifies. In the early stages of cellulite, mesotherapy works very quickly - 4 weekly sessions are usually sufficient to eliminate the cellulite. Any type of cellulite can be treated, the variable is the number of sessions needed to eradicate the cellulite (12-15 sessions for cellulite stage 3).
Mesotherapy is a fast and safe method. It consists of injecting a mixture (cocktail) of 3-4 active ingredients chosen according to the age of the patient, to the stage of the cellulite, to the affected body area. Arms, thighs and buttocks are the most affected areas. The injection technique is specific for mesotherapy - the technique I use for treating cellulite is Nappage. I inject manually; there is also the automatic option, utilizing a device, called Mesogun. Mesotherapy is virtually painless, adverse effects practically do not exist. So, this treatment is a quick 'lunch break' procedure, the pacient can comfortably resume her activity  immediately after the mesotherapy session.
The results are amazing - the cellulite disappears, the skin becomes smooth and elastic; if there are stretch marks on the treated area, they also attenuate, fine stretch marks even vanish.
Balanced eating, correct hydration and physical activity are imperative for maintaining the effects of the mesotherapy.

Important to remember:
  • mesotherapy is a medical treatment; practicing mesotherapy implies medical knowledge and extended experience in utilizing the specific injection techniques.
  • diagnosis and clinical assessment prior to the treatment are essential
  • the efficiency of the treatment is not correlated with the injected amount, it is correlated with the correct choice of the active ingredients and the proper combination personalized for each and every patient.