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We are all familiar with what "Aging" means, aren't we? But when it comes to defining "Aging", it is not that simple. According to aging is "the process of becoming older, the process being genetically determined and environmentally modulated".
Until recently, aging has been considered an inherent, progressive degradation of the human body. But in this era of hectic informational and technological development, the new medical discoveries determine a total different approach and a radical change in the way people view health and well being as they grow old.
Most of the natural aging mechanisms determine the development of diseases. Logically, fighting the process of aging would prevent disease and improve health despite getting older. This is basically the principle of Anti Aging Medicine. It is a holistic discipline, not yet accredited by most Medical Associations all over the world; the goal is to extend human lifespan with maximum health level. The nomenclature can vary from Biogerontology, Age Management Medicine to Advanced Preventive Medicine - it is the same medical branch, which treats the individual as a whole and aims to eliminate any age related ailment.

Today's tendency in Anti Aging Medicine is Prevention, rather than cure.
Prevention in all areas that influence health and longevity, regarding both individual well being and overall economic efficiency of the society:
  • Balanced diet - considering a correct Insulin/Glucagon activity and a proper protein - carbohydrates - fat ratio. Eating properly builds the foundation for a high quality of life and increased longevity.
  • Exercise - considered to be the secret of longevity. Exercise has been described as 'an anti aging pill'.
  • Nutraceutical and hormonal supplements
  • Yoga and meditation for maintaining and improving mental health.
  • Periodical examinations for early detection and treatment of age related diseases
  • Check ups to establish:

- Neurological age
- Bone age
- Muscular age
- Hormonal age
- Vascular age
Many of the aging mechanisms are still unknown. The future of anti aging medicine will probably involve genetic engineering, the use of stem cells for cellular and tissue renewal and nanotechnology for targeted drug and nutrient delivery.

At the end of this post, I want to share with you some of the Best Anti Aging Secrets (

Use sesame oil

"First thing every morning, I massage organic sesame oil from the health-food store all over my body. Working it in wakes me up and really gets my blood circulating. Plus, the oil hydrates my skin, giving it a healthy glow. Then I jump in the shower—the oil naturally cleans away dead skin cells."—Lisa Hedley, founder and creative director of the Mayflower Inn and Spa, Washington, Conn.

Consider fish oil

"Anti-inflammatories are the best anti-agers out there. From improving heart and immune functions to helping hair grow and skin look supple, they truly do wonders. I take three 500 milligram capsules of omega-3 fish oil in the morning and at night. I look for labels that say, 'molecularly distilled for purity,' which means pesticide-free."—Arlene Noodleman, MD, medical director of the Age Defy Dermatology and Wellness Center, Campbell, Calif.

Keep it simple

"Because I'm a plastic surgeon, companies send me so many skin-care samples—and some of them have 10 different steps! But I'm realistic, so there's no way I'm going to sign up for some huge beauty system that costs hundreds of dollars and requires a commitment that I'm not willing to make. Honestly, here's my daily skin-care routine: I go home, wash my face with a drugstore
cleanser, put on a moisturizer, and fall into bed. I find that this simple regimen works well for me."—Karen M. Horton, MD, plastic surgeon and reconstructive microsurgeon at the Women's

Plastic Surgery Center, San Francisco

Massage away stress

"I absolutely believe in massage. Moving blocked energy makes me feel younger from the inside out. I especially love reflexology and deep-tissue massage.
If you don’t have the time or money to get one regularly, you can achieve a lot of the same benefits by taking 20 minutes each day to stretch, meditate, and calm yourself, breathing deeply in and out."—Lisa Hedley, Mayflower Inn and Spa

Wear your vitamins

"I use an over-the-counter topical vitamin C cream that has a 30% concentration. It's a wonderful antioxidant that helps my skin repair itself from sun damage. Plus, it has natural sunscreen properties in it, so combining it with my daily SPF has a synergistic effect."—Arlene Noodleman, MD, medical director of the Age Defy Dermatology and Wellness Center, Campbell, Calif.

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